Ultrapure Water

Many areas of the hospital require ultra pure water solutions for various functions. Each area has its requirements..everything from sensitive analyzers in the clinical laboratory to hemodialysis patient treatments to sterile processing of critical surgical instruments. It requires a great deal of expertise to turn your source water into ultrapure water, removing contaminants, chemicals, bacteria and viruses to provide water that meets specific requirements for each task.

Water for Hemodialysis

Mechanical Solutions has been providing water purifcation systems for dialysis centers across North Carolina for over 18 years. Dialysis water systems are among the most complex and demanding use of ultra pure water and we have been taking care of central systems for many of the major hospitals throughout the state since 1995. We offer sales of complete custom central water systems and portable RO systems. We also offer complete preventative maintenance programs by annual contract or individual repairs and replacement of components. We also have rental portable RO's available on a temporary basis.

CAPI and CAPII for Laboratory

Laboratory grade water is attained by many of the same processes used in other areas of the hospital but is specific to the various uses within the lab. Mechanical Solutions, Inc., has experience providing the required grade water to meet CAP requirements for FDA approved, medical grade DI and carbon tanks of various sizes, and we can re-bed large carbon tanks on-site.

Central Sterile Processing

Sterile Processing is a critical part of the overall health and well being of any hospital and it all starts with clean water. Water that you and I can drink freely can be harmful when used in high quantities day in and day out. Purifying this water before use in the sterile processing operation can ensure bacteria and contaminant free processing and can save many times its' cost in the longevity of your washing equipment and the sensitive instruments it sterilizes. We provide and maintain water systems customized to your particular unit and volumes of use.


We are a dealer of Ameriwater because no one else in the industry combines the wide range of quality products and services with the “can-do” attitude of AmeriWater - specialists in the complex field of dialysis water solutions. Yet the goal is simple: to provide you with the very best products and services available.