Sediment Filters


Most people know when they have a sediment issue with their water.
The majority of the time you will see the sediment settle at the bottle of your drinking glass. Not a desirable situation and this indicates a more sever case of sediment.

Sediment particles in your water can not only be damaging to your health over time, but can shorten the lifespan of your appliances. Eventually, the sediment will clog your pipes and adversely affect the operation of your household appliances. Removing the sediment will allow your shower, toilets and pipes to run much better. You will experience a higher and faster water flow.

Purpose Of A Sediment Water Filter
If you have sediment issue, a water sediment filter is designed to remove those larger particles from your water. Sediment filters capture particles that other types of filters with lower micron levels cannot effectively capture because the larger particles would damage their cartridge medium. To be very effective, water sediment filters are usually used in conjunction with other filters to provide a complete filtration process.
A sediment filter is perfect for anyone whose water has visible particles and would like to remove those particles before damaging appliances.

Types Of Sediment Water Filters
A water faucet sediment filter removes sediments from you water right before it comes out of your faucet. This will filter the water that you drink, but will not alleviate the sediment from building up in your pipes or damaging appliances.
Whole House Sediment Filters: this type of filter is connected to your main water source and it filters the water before it enters your home. So your entire home will be protected.